The requirements of JC Physics are a huge upgrade, both in terms of content and technique, from secondary school Physics. The H2 syllabus for Physics is extremely broad in nature and includes major topics such as Newtonian Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Modern Physics, Oscillations and Waves, and Electricity and Magnetism. These areas of study will be tested through two structured question papers and one multiple choice question paper at the GCE A-Level examination at the end of the student’s two years in junior college, as well as a practical exam during the schooling year.


Zenith Education Studio’s JC Physics tuition aims to help students ace their GCE A-Level examinations by enhancing their analytical skills, clearing misconceptions, and nourishing their foundation on a complex Physics syllabus.

Our experienced H2 Physics tutors are trained to build up the students’ knowledge and provide them with the necessary pedagogical guidance to facilitate better comprehension, recall and application of concepts. Our lessons are tailored in a way that maximises the students’ attention span, uncovers common mistakes made and introduces helpful techniques for exam preparation.


H2 Physics in-depth syllabus can be overwhelming for many JC students, and studying content-heavy topics like Magnetism, Electricity, and Quantum Physics without proper guidance or learning outcomes can be counterproductive.

Getting JC Physics tuition can help improve the students’ analytical and problem-solving skills. Additionally, our fun and efficient teaching methods, such as our Learn-Understand-Apply-Approach, not only help our students effectively understand the concepts but also create a well-spirited environment for our students.

Zenith’s JC Physics tuition classes can also help students hone and enhance their quantitative skills, which is critical in Physics examinations.

We value every student’s desire to learn and achieve an A in their Physics examination. With the help of our H2 Physics tutors, we cover GCE A-Level content material, which spans all complex topics to help the JC students understand the concepts better, allowing them to gain more confidence in making sound applications and answering difficult questions. This way, students effectively gain an edge in perfecting their examinations.


Zenith’s affordable rates for JC tuition in Singapore, including H2 Physics tuition, start from $380  and $400 per 4 lessons for JC1 And JC2, respectively. Early bird discounts are available and for multiple-subject courses, cost varies accordingly where students get to enjoy higher value with up to 4 subjects. (*Prices are subjected to GST and a refundable deposit equivalent to fees for 4 lessons per subject is required.)

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Navigate our H2 JC Physics tuition sessions with ease. Stay updated on class availability and book your slot today.


Our H2 A-Level Physics tuition programme boasts an impressive track record with over 65% of our students achieving an A grade and 95+% securing A/B. Dive deep into the A-Level Physics syllabus with our comprehensive coverage, benefiting from:

  • In-depth Overview of A-Level Physics Syllabus: Grasp the core concepts and nuances of the curriculum.
  • Unique and Effective Teaching Methodology: Experience our distinctive approach that ensures understanding and retention.
  • Sample Lesson Materials and Resources: Preview what to expect in our lessons with sample materials.
  • Comprehensive Study Materials: Amplify your learning with our curated resources tailored for A-Level Physics.
  • Access to Past Papers and Model Answers: Evaluate your knowledge against past examinations and understand the ideal solutions.
  • Revision Guides and Exam Preparation Resources: Equip yourself with tools and strategies to tackle the A-Levels confidently.
  • Intensive Revision Programmes for A-Level Students: Sharpen your understanding and application skills as the exams approach.

Join us in our commitment to excellence and secure your path to A-Level Physics mastery!

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When it comes to excelling in Physics, understanding the concepts is key. That is why getting JC H2 Physics tuition exposes students to the proper explanation of key concepts. Helping them draw links between concepts before plunging into practice questions to hone their understanding.

​​Our questions are distilled from years of resources, handpicked to best help the JC students comprehend the concepts while gearing them towards examinations. You can count on our experienced H2 Physics tutors to explain these key concepts lucidly. With our strong support system and effective teaching pedagogy, we are confident in helping you ultimately clinch your desired result.

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