With a large majority of students taking H2 Math tuition in Singapore, it is not surprising that JC mathematics is arguably the most competitive subject out there. The H2 syllabus for Mathematics can be split up into two areas of study: Pure Mathematics, Probability, and Statistics. These two areas of study will be tested through two 3 Hour papers at the GCE A-Level examination at the end of the student’s two years in junior college.

Zenith Education Studio’s A-Level JC1 and JC2 H2 Math tuition covers the syllabus comprehensively for students. We have excellent JC Math tutors who can help students master the rigorous Mathematical concepts through step-by-step curated solutions.


Mathematics is a core subject that gets broader and more complex, especially in junior college. One of the common problems that JC students face in Math is a lack of confidence in solving equations. Our team of experienced H2 Math tutors employ a systematic and structured approach to teaching, which enables students to effectively understand mathematical concepts, facilitate better recall and apply formulas with more diligence. This allows them to acquire a stronger grasp of the subject. The discussion-based learning also encourages students to ask more questions and seek clarification actively, enabling them to take charge of their own growth as well. Furthermore, with JC Math tuition, students can gain an advantage even in JC Chemistry tuition and JC Physics tuition since certain Mathematical concepts can be applied to these subjects.


Our JC Math tuition classes in Singapore are priced affordably, with JC1 and JC2 fees starting at $380 and $400 per 4 lessons, respectively. For students keen to take on more than one subject, there are discounts available. You may learn more about our tuition fees in our JC tuition page. (*Prices are subject to GST, and a Deposit equivalent to 4 lesson fees per subject is required).

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Explore our H2 A-Level Math tuition programme – where our track record speaks volumes, with an outstanding 65%+ of students achieving a grade of A and an impressive 95+% landing either an A or B grade. Here’s how our programme stands out:

  • In-depth Overview of A-Level Math Syllabus Coverage: Delve into the intricacies and breadth of the A-Level Math syllabus.
  • Our Unique and Effective Teaching Methodology: Immerse yourself in a learning environment shaped by our specialised teaching techniques.
  • Sample Lesson Materials and Resources: Explore the comprehensive collection of study aids and practice materials designed to enrich your understanding and mastery of A-Level Math concepts in our tuition programme.
  • Availability of Comprehensive Study Materials: Benefit from our meticulously curated materials designed for A-Level Math.
  • Access to Past Papers and Model Answers: Test your aptitude and gain clarity on perfect answer structures.
  • Revision Guides and Exam Preparation Resources: Navigate your revision with our tailored guides and resources.
  • Intensive Revision Programmes for A-Level Students: Deep-dive into essential topics to fortify your exam readiness.
  • Strategies for Effective Revision and Exam Success: Harness expert techniques to optimise your revision and excel in exams.

Commit to a journey of Math excellence with us, and let’s conquer the A-Levels together!

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Students often feel like they have been hurled into the deep end of the pool when it comes to JC H2 Math tuition. Many find it hard to grasp new concepts during lectures, and many more find themselves endlessly evaluating a variable only to arrive at the wrong answer. All that can deflate a student’s confidence and interest in the subject.

At Zenith, we will not just dish out troves of Mathematical problems and equations, hoping similar ones come out during our students’ examinations. We also focus heavily on illuminating concepts with selective examples and teaching the students how to pick the most direct and effortless methodology for each question.

With our strong support system and effective teaching pedagogy, we are confident in helping students clinch their desired results ultimately.

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