What is the JC General Paper (GP) and is it the same as English classes? In reality, the JC GP subject is vastly different from Secondary School English. It challenges students to think critically to better understand the world around them while broadening their global outlook. The H2 syllabus for General Paper centres around core topics like Environment, Singapore Studies, Media, Sports, and more.

Obtaining mastery over these topics can aid students in fostering a critical awareness of various political, economic, and social issues. These areas of study are examinable via composition writing and comprehension with Application Question (AQ). To help JC students excel in their General Paper exam, Zenith Education Studio offers GP tuition classes conducted by highly-experienced tutors at our centre in Singapore.


Is General Paper a difficult subject? Many students struggle with JC GP, and find it difficult to get good grades in their exams. This is because GP tests both critical thinking ability and ability to discuss issues of local as well as global importance. Moreover, students cannot skip this subject, as GP is a compulsory H1 level subject for almost all students in Singapore.

If you are facing difficulties in your GP classes, one way to help improve your grades is by enrolling in GP tuition programmes at Zenith Education Studio, an MOE-registered tuition centre in Singapore. With the help of a comprehensive curriculum and highly effective pedagogy, our tutors make sure that our students see improvement in their JC GP exam.


We aim to offer affordable General Paper tuition classes to students across Singapore. Enrol in our JC GP single-subject tuition programme with fees from $380 per 4 lessons for J1 students, and $400 per 4 lessons for J2 students.

If you want to attend other JC tuition programmes as well, we also offer classes for JC Mathematics, JC Economics, JC Chemistry, JC Physics and JC Biology. Enrol in our two-subject, three-subject or four-subject programme and enjoy more savings! (*Prices subject to GST and Deposit equivalent to 4 lesson fees per subject is required.)


The General Paper syllabus includes an assessment split across 2 papers:

Paper 1 Essay (1h 30min) – Paper 1 comprises 12 questions on issues drawn from across disciplines and of local interest and global concern. Students are to answer only one question.
Paper 2 Comprehension (1h 30min) – Paper 2 comprises one or two text passages. There will be a range of questions on the text(s), requiring students to demonstrate their ability to comprehend, explain, infer, evaluate and summarise. The application question requires students to respond to a task derived from the text(s), based on their understanding and interpretation of the text(s) as a whole.

Our GP tuition classes in Singapore cover both content- and skill-based aspects needed to help students excel in both papers.

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​We aim to cultivate a strong interest in current affairs in our students, as we firmly stand by the belief that General Paper content can be immensely useful in students’ everyday lives. Our GP tutors in Singapore have the aptitude to equip students with the relevant language, research, thinking, and writing skills to handle both papers. Students can expect a trove of highly relevant examples that will be concurrently taught with the best tried and tested application skills to help them excel in their papers.

Looking for a tuition centre in Singapore to improve your grades in your General Paper exam? Zenith Education Studio, with the help of our highly experienced teachers and effective pedagogy, aims to help students excel at GP by making difficult concepts easier to understand and apply.

If you are ready to experience the best tuition learning environment in Singapore, register below or contact us directly for any queries.

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