Are you searching for the best secondary Maths tuition in Singapore? Zenith Education Studio offers secondary Maths tuition for students who want to get ready for their O-Level and N-level examinations. If you’re looking for a Maths tuition centre with the best academic training course taught by proficient tutors, we’ve got you covered. Discover your child’s Maths prowess and enrol with us today!


The mastery of Lower Secondary Math and Upper Secondary Math requires students to develop critical thinking, reasoning, and metacognitive skills to solve mathematical problems. Many find it hard to apply mathematical concepts to the same questions presented differently, which may be due to the lack of in-depth understanding of the various concepts. This will greatly deflate the student’s confidence in the subject and reduce the most important aspect of the subject – practice.

With the help of a secondary Maths tuition centre, students can refresh their knowledge and gain practical skills needed to enhance their understanding of the different mathematical concepts. Zenith Education Studio provides secondary maths tuition services to students who are struggling with weaker topics or want to prepare themselves for their upcoming examinations in Singapore.


E Math or Elementary Math is one of the most basic subjects in the secondary school curriculum. It’s a compulsory subject that’s required to apply for Junior College (JC) or Polytechnic (Poly) education. E Math is building from the fundamentals learned in Secondary 1 and 2 Math. It equips students with reasoning and problem-solving capabilities that enable them to comprehend and apply Mathematical concepts to their everyday life.

E Math tuition in Singapore can help your child strengthen their understanding and excel in the following topics:

  • Numbers and Operations
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Percentage, Rate, and Speed
  • Algebraic Expressions and Formulae
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Real World Problem Application
  • And more.

Through our E Math tuition services and our Singapore tutors, we aim to equip students with the skills and knowledge to work on difficult problems and excel in their exams with confidence.


A Math or Additional Mathematics is an integral subject that paves the way for mastering higher level Mathematics. It involves a more challenging Math curriculum that builds students’ skills to analyse more complex mathematical problems.

A Math tuition in Singapore can help your child overcome challenges in topics such as:

  • Equations and Inequalities
  • Indices and Surds
  • Polynomials
  • Partial Fractions, and Binomial Expansions
  • Trigonomic Identities
  • Straight Lines, Parabolas, and Circles
  • And more.

Your child will receive the best learning and training to boost their confidence in tackling analytical problems with the help of our A Math Tuition services and our Singapore tutors.


Zenith Education Studio provides monthly tuition options for students enrolling on their subject of choice. For our secondary school programmes, the rate for one subject starts at $280 per 4 lessons. Enjoy more savings when you enrol with more subjects! With our monthly payment scheme, you’ll be able to save more while providing your child with the best secondary math tuition.

Aside from 4 monthly lessons, your child is entitled to our additional offerings when you enrol in our Secondary Maths Tuition Centre. Entitlement includes access to our student lounge, snack bar, counselling and consultation sessions, and termly outings.


Still trying to find the best O Level Maths Tuition in Singapore? You don’t have to look any further. Zenith Education Studio is equipped with the best learning facilities and has a pool of qualified tutors who are proficient in Mathematics. Enrol in our Secondary Maths tuition centre to discover your child’s true potential.

An O Level Maths Tuition can help enhance Singapore students’ mathematical skills including problem-solving and critical thinking to score in their exams in preparation for university entrance. We can provide the necessary lessons and training to arm your child with everything they need to succeed. Send us a message or contact us so we can provide you with more information about our O Level Maths Tuition. Besides maths tuition, your child can also get more support and guidance in our secondary chemistry tuition and secondary physics tuition at our centre.

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At Zenith Education Studio, we strongly believe in nurturing students to see the immediate relevance of what they learn effectively by curating a set of examples to guide students on the application of appropriate methods when it comes to solving those questions.


  • Find the HCF and LCM, squares, cubes, square roots, and cube roots by prime factorisation

  • Be familiar with negative numbers, integers, rational numbers, and their four operations

  • Use of approximation and estimation, including the use of a calculator

  • Solve problems involving ratio and proportion

  • Solve problems involving rate and speed, conversion of units

  • Evaluate algebraic expressions and formulae

  • Translation of real-world situations into algebraic expressions

  • Use of brackets, Addition, and subtraction of linear expressions

  • Understand the use of graphs of linear functions and gradient

  • Solve fractional equations and form linear equations

  • Identify right, acute, obtuse, and reflex angles

  • Corresponding angles, alternate angles, and interior angles

  • Construction of geometrical figures

  • Solve problems involving area and volume of figures

  • Analysis and interpretation of statistics using graphs and charts

  • Solve problems involving map scales, direct and inverse proportion

  • Expansion of algebraic expressions and usage of formulae

  • Explore quadratic functions and their properties

  • Appreciate the concept of equation and inequality

  • Solve simultaneous equations using substitution, elimination, and graphical method

  • Solve problems involving similar and congruent figures

  • The introduction of Pythagoras’ Theorem and usage of trigonometric ratios in right-angled triangles

  • Calculate the volume and surface area of pyramid, cone, and sphere

  • Analyze statistical diagrams, the advantages, and disadvantages of these representations

  • Calculation of mean, median, mode, and also the mean for grouped data

  • Calculate the probability of single events

  • Comprehensive analysis of topics – Numbers & Operations, Ratio & Proportion, Percentage, Rate & Speed

  • Be able to evaluate and translate real-world situation into Algebraic Expressions and Formulae

  • Sketch graph of Quadratic Equations, Power & Exponential Functions while estimating the gradient of a curve by drawing a tangent 

  • Solve Simultaneous Linear & Quadratic Equations, in addition to representing them on the number line

  • Become competent to use Set Language and its Notations

  • Display information in the form of a Matrix & calculate the sum & product of 2 matrices

  • Solve problems based on real-world contexts (Simple / Compound Interests, Taxation, Instalments, Utility Bills, Money Exchanges etc.) 

  • Construct Angle and Perpendicular Bisectors 

  • Find the angle sum of interior & exterior angles of any convex polygon

  • Be familiar with the topics – Congruence and Similarity, Properties of Circles, Pythagoras Theorem, & Trigonometry

  • Find the area and volume of composite plane figures/solids, with problems also involving arc length, sector area and area of segments of a circle

  • Find the Magnitude of Vectors, Multiplication of a vector by a scalar & geometric problems involving the use of vectors 

  • Detailed analysis of topics – Equation & Inequalities, Indices & Surds, Polynomials & Partial Fractions & Bionomial Expansions 

  • Solve equations involving Exponential, Logarithmic & Modulus Functions

  • Learn how to Simplify and Proof Trigonometric Identities in addition to learning about trigonometric graphs

  • Understand the Coordinate Geometry of Straight Lines, Parabolas & Circles

  • Think out of the box by using proofs in plane geometry such as Midpoint Theorem, Congruency & Similarity

  • Be able to apply Differentiation and Integration to find increasing or decreasing functions, stationary points and be able to apply the second derivative test to discriminate between maxima and minima

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